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Contact: Alex Ray

With nearly 10 years of experience in Reel Maintenance, Repairs, Upgrades & Restorations, from Professional, Amateur and Regular Weekend Fishermen, I am starting to branch out to add more fisherman/customers. While many of my regular customers are also friends and acquaintances, I believe any of my past customers would be happy to provide a reference if needed, as the work I do is guaranteed. Right now, my small market has steered mostly towards Reel Upgrades (especially Carbontex drag and Ceramic bearing Upgrades) and seasonal maintenance (between once/twice a year for most, but I have 2 guys that drop theirs off before every tournament they're in!), I also repair reels, old and new, repair and/or customize rods, Restore Rods and Reels, and much more (please feel free to call and ask!). 

I also have access to custom (ex. JDM Shimano) parts, discontinued parts, etc. and have amassed years' worth of parts from a myriad of Reels. Wether something doesn't feel right or that rod and Reel you've pulled out for the first time in years is corroded, or you want to add (in some cases, most cases average 16-20%) 30% to your casting distance, I am here to make it happen! Probably the most well received upgrades come by the drag system. Everyone has their "one that got away" story, but a drag system that greatly increases accuracy, tuned perfectly to the line weight and line type, will change the way you fish, I guarantee it! The Reels I've tested (out of the box, before and after upgrades, prior to being sent to the Sponsee) have had drag variance as bad as 46%! We've tested spinning and casting Reels from 6 different (name brand, high end) manufacturers and found the average variance (NEW!) to be over 14%! The right upgrade stack changes on those same Reels moved that average down to below 2.5%! Those numbers show why these upgrades are becoming so popular, and in my opinion, too necessary. 

Anyway, I receive Reels from around the US currently, as well as drop offs locally. I have a full time job, but thoroughly enjoy working on this stuff but would like to add to my "hobby" work. I figured right here close to my home would be a good start while My wife and I prepare for our first child. I also have a website coming, but will be limited on the load I will take on (most fisherman won't be without their Reels for more than 2 weeks, so if I reach a point where turnaround time is nearing 2 weeks, I will not take on new customers, and will concentrate on the customers I am serving at that time). 

Please feel free to call, text or email me with any questions, requests, arranging pick up (local only, Auburn to Birmingham), or just need help with your own project! Just don't invest in your fishing equipment and fail to maintain it, without regular maintenance you're better off buying cheap and replacing often. Get the most dramatic improvements with the latest upgrades, get your investment working perfectly again, and you'll see the improvements on the other end!


Alex Ray

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Rod and Reel Repairs, Upgrades, Restorations, and Proper Maintenance at fair prices.
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